So Payperpost has some more BIG news coming

Payperpost, our good friends over in Orlando, Florida, have started telling the intranets that there's some big news coming. Skeptical, I am, but when Payperpost starts letting us know something, all of us posties have to be attentive. Hopefully it'll be something nice for us, here's a little list of things that could be nice:

1)Paid vacations for the posties
2)Free trips to PostieCon'07 (Room, Board and excuse letters to my boss)
3)The ability for posties to buy shares in the company

Yea I'm sure those won't fly, but they would be awesome. Here's my guesses for real rumours that might be actually true is that either:

a) Payperpost has acquired another smaller company (which has happened before)

b) Payperpost has gone cash flow positive

c) A big advertiser signs on for Payperpost (Fortune 500 company)

d) A network picks up RockStartup and puts it on television

If you look at the these rumors, people familiar with Payperpost might actually think these are either very plausible or happened before. Payperpost has a deal with HP and signing up another big company could be a huge boost for the web 2.0 startup. As well picking up another smaller company to boost it's profile or enable Payperpost to access new markets could be in order, since it tried to do that with The cash flow positive might be premature right now, since it's only been 6 months since they had their venture fund financing. Lastly, Rockstartup, the web reality TV show started by PayPerPost getting picked up by a smaller network (something on Cable) could happen and would bring the message of Payperpost to millions of people. Who knows it could happen.

Those are my guesses for the big news, I'm probably way off but it's fun to guess.

More later,


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