USB LCD Monitors and top 10 Gmail tips

Yep, as per usual, stuck at the library on a Wednesday night. Nothing good happening online right now, but there's a couple of sites of interest for you guys.

1) There's a list of Top 10 Gmail Tips and Hacks at the Download Squad blog. Pretty interesting tips for the powerusers out there. Most of these tips don't apply to 90% of the people who use Gmail, but for those who are on it 24/7, they can help you out a lot, so enjoy.

2) Samsung's releasing a USB monitor at CeBit this year, and of course my friends at Engadget have the scoop via PC World. IT'll be interesting for those with laptops without dedicated VGA outputs or DVI or both but I wonder how much processing power that these computers will need to put everything onto USB.

There's my 2 tidbits for right now, more later as I get more bored.


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