Who here doesn't love Wifi and VoIP

Even through the internet has only been mainstream for around 10 years, the technologies that it has sprung have been amazing. Things like Wifi and Video Conferencing have been instrumental in keeping people and businesses connected around the world, and now another technology that I have has become mainstream. VOIP is here, and it's here to stay. There's companies that offer you Voice over IP telephone service, like Vonage, there's companies that allow you to talk over the internet for free like Skype, and then there's even products that allow you to combine both like Cisco's iPhone, which has the same name as Apple's product but is completely different. Ciso has been a pioneer in providing VOIP technology since it provides a lot of equipment and jumpers that allow the internet to work already, so having a lot of expertise in VoIP is natural for them. If you're looking into using VoIP to connect your business, check them out at http://voip.cisco-online.co.uk/.

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tech lesson, what's your greatest use for VoIP? Mine is calling my parents, but what's yours? Discuss


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