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I cover most aspects of the internet, and something that is very popular is that people are trying to find love online. I've seen sites for single parents and for people looking for a sugar daddy (search Archives) but today I'm going to do a quick review of a new site called BlackScene. It's as you guessed by the name a Black Dating that's pretty new. I've reviewed the site with the help of a friend (who is black to get the views of the site from all angles) and while we think the quality of participants isn't up to par yet, the site has potential. The user interface is pretty nice and easy to use, along with being free to join. Seems like they really could do something with it. They just need to get the word out to more diverse people, as having 26yr old mothers with a long tongue isn't very attractive.

Anyways check out and tell me your thoughts.


Posted bySteve at 1:57 AM


Anonymous said... 12:10 PM  

I just don't get you guy's. Within a week and a half of joining I was meeting women left and right. It just sounds like to me you guys would have trouble getting laid at the Playboy Mansion even if you were the only guys there.

Anonymous said... 11:32 PM  

think it make sense to think many dating sites operate diffrently with diverse opportunities

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