I love T-Mobile

Of all the phone companies, I think T-Mobile's my favorite company, by far. Especially at times like this when I don't have my usual dorm connection and it's 11pm and I want some internet. For those who haven't followed my blog I use the T-Mobile 5.99 internet for WAP sites and use it as an EDGE modem through the T-Mobile proxy. If you're looking for a guide I suggest trying the Howardforums T-Mobile section. I might put up a guide on my website sometime but right now I'm way too busy.

Back to T-Mobile, I like the direction they're going, their phones are getting better, prices are great, and service is improving. I just would like to see more phones released per quarter but I get all my phones by other means so it don't really matter to me. What's your thoughts on T-Mobile? They suck or are they good?

Ok more rambling tomorrow,


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