Midday roundup

Just got in from work, and quickly went to my favorite quick news site Digg, and found 2 articles for you guys to enjoy. Not much going on in life or electronics, tech or the web so I'll talk about Video Games and Guns.

The first link is the annoucement that Sonic and Mario, mascots for the longtime rivals Nintendo and Sega, are now teaming up to compete in a sports game for the 2008 Olympic games. Wiifanboy.com has all the details but hey, it's a start, now let's see them go head to head in a fighting game.

The second link is for a program setup in Mexico where you trade your handgun for an Xbox360. Pretty interesting concept, getting guns out of the streets and more consoles out there. It's starting in Mexico City but will spread to other cities in Mexico. I like the idea, imagine if they did that in the US?

Alright more news later,


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