Need a dedicated server? RackNine has dedicated servers that don't lose out in the support aspects

I know many of you bloggers out there have your blog hosted by a company specializing in blog hosting or run through a free service like Blogger. However, many people who have their own sites, such as I, like to have their sites hosted on a good server. For those who have larger sites where a simple hosting company won't do, having a dedicated server that's fully customizable is the only way to go. For those who know what I'm talking about or have sites that are larger enough to warrant a dedicated server should really look into RackNine Dedicated Servers. They've updated their dedicated support to be as good as shared support, without the slowdowns or reductions in speed that having a shared server costs. They have a full press release detailing all the changes so take a look. I've added it to this post below:

RackNine Inc. Toll-free: 1-866 GO RACK9 RackNine Cuts I.T. Overhead for Customers New Offering from RackNine Equals Expert Support & Great Value Edmonton, Alberta (March 27. 2007) – RackNine a leading provider of shared and dedicated web hosting services, is expanding options for its dedicated server customers by adding an Assisted Service Plan–a professional solution without the traditional costs. RackNine’s technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments. Customers can get the power of a dedicated server without having to perform all of the administrative tasks associated with an unmanaged account such as server startup, patching and anti-virus protection. Add-on services, with the purchase of a service contract, include security scans, backup and recovery, monitoring and escalation management, at no additional fee. Custom engineering options are also available, billed at a flat hourly rate. The plan can be added to qualified dedicated hosting accounts during the purchase process. While users are provided with a basic startup environment, RackNine can also assist customers who have special needs. As with all dedicated servers accounts, customers can choose from a wide range of options including operating systems, RAM, hard drives, processors and firewalls. In addition, as with all RackNine services, the plan is backed by RackNine’s round the clock customer support. For more information on RackNine dedicated server plans, visit About RackNine RackNine Inc. is the evolution of its former company, Couple Guys Consulting. Originally founded in February of 1997, Couple Guys Consulting grew as a leader in automated website management, developing the popular and widely-used SiteTools content-creation system. Couple Guys Consulting entered the web hosting arena in 1999 after being unable to find a reliable method to outsource its hosting arrangements. A subsidiary (CGC Network) was formed to handle hosting needs of both Couple Guys Consulting's web presence as well as needs of a quickly growing userbase who were also unhappy with their current hosts. Hardware solutions were heavily researched, technical staff was hired and trained, and CGCNetwork's experience in high quality dedicated - and shared - hosting began. CGC Network has since evolved to provide inexpensive and incredibly reliable consumer hosting services. New servers and infrastructure have been laid, our aggressive package pricing is implemented, the newest and most advanced user management system ever created has been installed, and our always-present commitment to providing high quality service has turned CGC Network into one of the fastest and most user-friendly systems available. - RackNine - © 2007 RackNine Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I've only got a small time site but for anything that requires a dedicated server RackNine seems like a great option for you to look at. Benefits of a shared server without the penalties of one is great news so go check them out.



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