Yep Mondays are busy as hell for me, with midterms, extra travel for work and the usual business of track and other classes, so I'm beat. I haven't been able to follow any real news today, but I did use the Western Union online site, wasn't too bad, and it's pretty secure. Even when I sent money online to a friend in Uganda I had to call in and confirm it to a REAL person, very nice.

Also Art Lebdev, the guys who are making that famous Optimus Keyboard with the OLED keys, have released a shot of their prototype, and it's real nice. I do have some problems with the $1299 estimate on the retail price, but we'll see how it goes when it's introduced later this year.

Here's a pic:

What you guys think? I think it's slick, but I'm way to poor to spend that much on a KEYBOARD. Anyways more later,


Posted bySteve at 11:22 PM


Beth said... 9:43 PM  

Very nice keyboard, but way out of my price range.

Steve said... 10:04 PM  

I could spend 100 on it, just because the technology is so crazy and it's so customizable, but anything over is WAY too much for my pocket.


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