Single Moms need love too!

I know there's a couple of friends of mine who read the blog who are moms, so maybe this will interest you or your friends. I know it's tough being a single mom, I've heard the stories, and they're trying just like everyone else to find a good man but ti's tougher because many men don't want to deal with the fact that they have a child. Well now there's a site for them, it's called Single Moms and Dads. They can find people who understand them and want them for who they are. Sounds like a better method than Craigslist.

What you guys think? Would you guys use it? Post your thoughts and visit it!


Posted bySteve at 10:45 PM


Emmie said... 2:47 AM  

I completely agree with your thought on the single moms and dads.Thats a good link too!!Do stop by Love blog sometime for some fun stuff. Chers!!

Steve said... 11:35 PM  

Thanks emmie, will do!


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