Blog Review: Overtime

I know I'm reviewing a Sports blog (I mentioned it before on my sports blog) but I haven't done a Blog Review in a while and I'm looking to do a nice exchange for both parties, why not a little link love can't hurt right :)

Overtime is a blog from a fellow Montrealer by the name of Frank and as you can probably guess from the title, it's focused on sports. He has a great variety of sports topics, from boxing to hockey and random sports happenings. I like his use of colors and his writing is very professional and clear to understand, unlike mine where I merely write down quickly whatever flows out of my head.

I enjoy taking his view on sports pretty much daily, and I suggest you guys to read it as well. The URL for his blog is, notice the e, guess Overtime was taken, lol.

There's my review for the night, enjoy!


Posted bySteve at 8:46 PM


Frank said... 10:41 PM  

Thank you for the review my friend. Yeah the overtime term was already taken back when I created the blog. (sucks) :)

I haven't checked if it became available since then but I don't really care.

Have a nice day.

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