Tower Defence Games - You guys try them out?

I was browing around the internet earlier on my great connection here at the Ramada Inn and was looking at the different genres of games. A genre that I wasn't familiar with that's pretty popuplar amoung a specific subset of games is Online Tower Defence games. It's actually a good idea but I haven't tried it out really. They're a lot of sites with great Tower Defense Ideas and they are pretty interesting. I think I'm going to give them a shot when I get back to a REAL internet connection, aka my computer.

What you guys think? Played any of these games? Post your thoughts,


Posted bySteve at 11:48 PM


Brandon said... 2:22 PM  

I collected quite a list of Tower Defence / Tower Defense Games Games. They are all basically the same, but I didn't know before hand that these games date back to the Arcade.

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