I'm really liking the Cowon D2

I just saw on Engadget that the Cowon D2 has been released in the US. It's actually some nice Korean technology that if they could market it right can compete with the Zune or iPod for marketshare. Look at the pic below,

Isn't it beautiful? It's got really great features too

-2.5" Wide Touchscreen
-2gb/4gb flash with SD slots
-52 hours battery on MP3, 10 hours on Movie mode
-Support for all the major formats including Ogg, FLAC

Now I'm actually impressed by the specs and the price. It's only 40$ more than the 2gb iPod Nano, or 20$ more than the 4gb Nano, so it's really worth it for price/features compared to Apple. Here's the full Product Page, so take a look and tell me what you think,


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