Verizon Wireless has been stepping up lately

I've been overlooking Verizon's lineup of phone lately, since I have quite a few friends on their service and being the knowledgeable tech guy around I get asked a lot of questions. Usually when they ask me about phone for Verizon, I shudder, since until recently most of verizon's phones have been either very business oriented or mom and pop oriented, with of course a black leather case to protect it. Now those things have changed with Verizon's new phones. After browsing Wirefly's wide selection of phones and plans, I'm actually liking the look of the Red Chocolate, almost as slick as the black, but since everyone has the Black it gets kind of old. Of course Verizon's also got the new KRZR, the enV (LG VX9900) and regular RAZR's in all colors so they have been stepping up their lineup.

I mean it has be great when you can get a Chocolate online for FREE after rebates and activation, right? Well look no further than Wirefly if you're trying to get on that deal. The rate plans are pretty reasonable, and pretty much on par with most other carriers. So if you're looking for a new phone or service, check them out, Verizon's changed, and you can get some decent phones from them now. I may disagree with the Verizon guy TV commercials, but I have to admit the enV is nice, and 3G with CDMA is nice, broadband speeds on your phone is awesome.



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