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I may not be the greatest audiophile, but I know that a lot of musicians here in Brooklyn are always trying to get discovered or get signed by record labels. Instead of doing what every band does and try to only promote through MySpace maybe they should try the new tools at The whole Musicians Wanted at - Get Discovered program is really enticing, where you can sign up for free, upload the music you've already made, and make some money off it. You can have a full website on Music for your band, a blog, an artist profile with band member profiles if you wish, photos, event calender or show listings and more. will even select some bands for more promotions as well, so it seems like a get venue to get your bands name out that. The more people who know about your music the better right?

Check out the whole Musicians Wanted at - Get Discovered program at and let me know what you think? Or maybe just stay on MySpace and try to add me as a friend (which doesn't work)



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