I love being a graduate student

Unfortunately for me, I'm a busy college student with 2 jobs, clinical obligations to finish up, and I still run track and field for a Division 1 NCAA school. What does that mean? It means little to no free time for blogging. My last post before tonight was on my other blog from Wagner College in Staten Island while I was waiting for the Lacrosse team, that's how little free time I have.

I've been neglecting my personal blog at dasnipe.atotchat.org for quite some time now. I have had thoughts and other serious things going on in my life. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll have the time to sit down and get in some quality blogging time before my race.

Until them I'm just going to eat my Chinese and relax. Maybe I'll download Ubuntu 7.04 and give it a whirl, we'll see tomorrow.


Posted bySteve at 10:30 PM


Frank said... 2:56 PM  

hey... in my blog review you have linked the review to the wrong address. There is a missing R in the address. :D

Have a nice day!

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