Interesting concept - Turn your Flickr photo's into cash

I like how new Web 2.0 sites and existing one always seem to find different niches or populations of users. I know some photography heads so when I heard about this new site, FlickrCash, which is the intergration of Flickr and eBay, I was immediately interested. It's got some pretty cool options, nice galleries of pictures on a particular subject, a good search engine to find specific photos, and options to "heart" or "hate" an image to remember later. Like take this gallery on Orange Flowers - found by FlickrCash, you get pages of full galleries with all kinds of pictures, it'll be easy to find any picture you want.

Seems like a great idea to me, check it out and let me know what you guys think.


Posted bySteve at 10:52 PM


lattégirl said... 5:49 AM  

Chinese. Mmmm. */homer voice*

Anonymous said... 3:29 AM  

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