Looking to make some new investments? Try Futures

Since I'm a college student, I may not have much saved away at the moment in terms of investments for my eventual retirement. However I do manage the portfolio of my dad since I do his taxes and it's pretty interesting. He has a 401K from work, which is pretty standard, and some general savings bonds along wtih a regular RRSP from work and some mutual funds. Nothing exciting and pretty basic. I wonder if he needs to diversify his investment options, more stocks, or gold, and something new I've heard of, Futures. Some people are talking about global futures as a new investment form that could help diversify many portfolios and help him out. As well the initial investment in futures can start at around $250 so it doesn't take too much to get started.

Sounds like some interesting options, I'm going to forward the information to my dad, and maybe you guys could find out something new too.


Disclamer: There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex (just like most investments)

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