More North Carolina computer usage

Still stuck in North Carolina, but I managed to creep into Duke and use a computer in their cafeteria area that someone left logged on. I didn't run well today but that'll be for a lengthier post on my other blog (My Sports one, check it out at Steve's Sports and Travel) but in the mean time I'll talk about a controversial issue (DRM) and how they're always working backwards in trying to fix it.

Remember how DRM was cracked back in December (blog post HERE) , well Corel, the makers of WinDVd, have released a patch that forces users to patch their software to their latest version or not be able to play any AACS (DRM'ed) Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. This was reported on Engadget but it's still such a rotten deal, forcing people to patch their software or not. This is the way of DRM, and they'll never win, however Corel loves to stick it to users. I think I'm with the majority in that DRM will never win, but that's just me, I'm no Hollywood studio.

Alright I gotta go back to the track, more later,


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