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Was just browsing through my MySpace while at the hotel, and noticed some more bands trying to get my attention. Sure it may be nice trying to grab my attention there, but I'm really not going to listen to you on MySpace nor are you going to stand out on MySpace compared to the multitude of other bands. I say be out there, try new or different sites or methods, and for me a site like looks like another bands should try. You can be in any musical group, solo, duo, where it be from Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronica all the way to Grunge Artists could be the launching point of your career. All it takes is one music executive to like you to get noticed and then you're off.

Alright there's my rant on music for the night,



Posted bySteve at 10:46 PM


Drew said... 11:58 AM  

Hi Steve, good job on your blogs. I need to visit and read more often.

Steve said... 5:09 PM  

Thanks Drew, I love the Benspark and I have to get around to doing the same, maybe once I'm out of North Carolina, lol


Anonymous said... 3:30 AM  

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