Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Yes I'm blogging from my new apartment in Greenpoint, unfortunately this is tougher than usual since I have to use my valuable and trusty T-mobile EDGE data connection through my phone.

I live off McGuinness Blvd, and I must admit I love the area my place is in, it's very open, clean, non dingy and accesible by car and bus/train pretty well. I think I might not be able to get DSL, which would suck since it's only 14.95 a month for the 1st year. I can deal with that price for internet but would hopefully avoid $30 a month then 40 after 6 months.

Apart from that I've been working and settling into things, we'll have to see how much I like things in a couple of weeks after I become fully intergrated into the workforce. I'll have a set schedule so I'll be able to blog more.

Check out here for more, and hopefully I'll have some grad pictures on this blog or one of my other ones.

More tomorrow,

Posted bySteve at 9:49 PM


Anonymous said... 10:17 PM  

Verizon dsl is available in Greenpoint. We've had it for years.

Steve said... 11:09 PM  

good to know, since their idiot website can't find my apartment, lol


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