PayPerPost HDTV Tuesday's

I haven't heard anything new from PayPerPost in that last little while since I've been so busy graduating and finishing track while moving into Greenpoint (see previous post) I haven't checked in with Ted and the gang at PPP. Well whenever they're not trying to get more ads on blogs for us posties they're busy organizing contests to keep us busy. They've launched an event every Tuesday called HDTV Tuesday's where you cna win all shows of great prizes, such as Apple TV's, PS3's, and the grand prize and HDTV at the end of the month.

That's pretty spectacular, since they're already hooking us up with oppertunities, money for blogging and now we can earn prizes for just blogging to make money and getting lucky. I have to give out a shoutout to the guys at for making all this possible. I've spoken about them a week ago so check out my post and go visit them if you have the chance. As for me, I'm going to try to find that opportunity, maybe I'll get lucky and win something nice, since today I can win a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote. If you don't know what those are you need to read this blog more often, but until then good luck!


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Owen Cutajar said... 6:14 AM  

Good thing you're based in NY. If you were back home you wouldn't have been able to take part.

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