Some nice memorial day deals at Circuit City

Pretty boring day early on for me since I didn't have any plans like the beach or etc for my memorial day however it became a pretty good day after my friend dropped by. Right before he dropped by, I found out about Circuit City's memorial week sale where some video games were getting reduced to $9.99 such as Kingdom Hearts 2 and Fight Night : Round 3 along with Half-Life 2: Episode 1 going from $19.99 to $4.99. I literally went to 3 CC's in Manhattan to find me Kingdom Hearts 2, at $9.99 for the original non-greatest hits version it's worth it.

After that I came back, relaxed, and then went out to this dinner in South Williamsburg at 95 Broadway (can't recall the name of the place). I shouldn't say dinner since it looks cheap but it's actually a pretty expensive place, serving cheeses, fine wines, lamb, etc. I also had some Tasty D-Lite after, which is is this local Frozen Yogurt chain.

All and all a great way to wrap up this weekend, more news as the week pics up,


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