Looking for a hotel in Europe? Here's some tips

Having traveled around Europe with my friend a couple of years ago I got to experience a great number of sites and hotels, some good, some bad. I must admit we were younger and on a budget so we weren't living large however we did manage to find hostels using the internet or the word of friends who've traveled around before. The pitfalls of those methods is that sometimes these sites don't update their hotel lists, don't have telephone numbers, and can leave you without a place at a random time of night.

That's why now if I went back I'd take a look into a trusted name like Expedia or Orbitz. They have some nice listings for great places like Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, all the places I've been too, and it's nice because there can be some shady places in Amsterdam and you won't know until it's too late. Most of these online places have a map search for the area you want to stay in, specials on specific hotels, pretty much a good resource for hotel listings. They should all have plenty of listings on other cities but why not go with what's popular.

Anyways that's my new site for the day, enjoy it on the last of my holiday,


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