Verizon DSL needs to hurry up!

I'm sorry for the pause again in the blogging. My verizon DSL is coming Tuesday, and it's terribly hard to blog from my phone. Sure it gets on the internet but EDGE is so slow and having 2 or 3 things load at the same time kills my speeds. The fact that I've been so busy with my new job and the extra jobs I've been doing on the sides doesn't help.

To all those who are still there for me, I appreciate the support. I just wish I could keep you guys informed on what's going on with me, or what I think about anything in the Tech world more often however I've just been so busy. I also have been dealing with HP in terms of repairing a broken laptop, so that's another story I have to tell you guys, but until then I'll give u guys an update on my friends at PPP and I'll have a blog post tomorrow when I get to access some decent internet at LIU (my old school which is a 10 min walk from my job).

Until tomorrow,


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