You have to love The Police

Ah The police, what a great classic band, now who hasn't listened to a song from the police cd or something on the radio. I grew up listening to Sting and the police's songs, from Roxanne to Every Breath You Take, which is my favorite police song btw, it's really classic and nostalgic whenever you play a song from the police cd at home. My parents, you see, where really big Sting and by association The Police fans, in fact they went to go see them in 1980, which is before I was even born during one of their first world tours in Montreal. Of course I don't have a ticket stub but my parents have told me about it and it was easily of their most memorable concerts. I mean who wasn't in love with Roxanne at the time?

Well since they're reunited again and come out with a new compilation CD I guess their new world tour isn't out of place. I think it's great because I think it's the first time in years that The Police is coming to Montreal as the whole band. Sting made some appearances but never with the group after they broke up. They're going to be there at the end of July, so hopefully I'll be able to get my parents some tickets, since I'll be slaving away in NYC.

Do you absolutely love the band The Police? Are you ecstatic that The Police are going on a new worldwide tour? Have you ever seen The Police on a past tour? You should take this opportunity if you have either seen them on this worldwide tour or on a past tour. We want you to discuss the concert including all the details, how much fun you had and why you love the band so much! If you have seen a concert from this tour, you can discuss the differences in the performances (positive tone only please.) You also need to discuss the new compilation CD of their greatest hits and which song on the cd is your favorite.

Gotta love this picture, it's like it's still the 80's again,

Anyone else got any stories about the police? What's your favorite songs from them? Post your thoughts,


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