The Cell Phone I Want!

Yea if anyone knows me I'm a geek, and I obsess over gadgets or toys that I want, it's jsut me. Yea for a bit I've been complaining about my cell phone, since it had and accident with the wall it's never been the same, even with the new case and repairs. I've been looking around for a nice unlocked GSM phone, at least 2.0 megapixel camera and an mp3 player, and I think I've found it :)

I present the Sony Ericsson W810i

Isn't it sexy?
-2.0 mp CCD camera with Autofocus (yes it's a real camera, unlike all the crappy ones that come on most phones)
-512mb Memory Stick Duo (same format as PSP and Sony Digicam) with expandable up to 4gb
-Walkman Interface mp3 player with controls on the front (so that I can actually use the headphones and have an mp3 player/phone and not one or hte other)
-Quad-Band GSM with EDGE, so I can surf the web while listening to mp3's

Yep, that's it folks, now don't you want it?

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