VegasPokerPro, a very good poker community

Everyone knows that poker is big and especially Texas Hold'Em and with that a lot of new communities have been sprining up. One of the better ones for sure has to be VegasPokerPro, or VPP, which I think is one of the few to offer free gifts to those who sign up to poker rooms from their website. Yep they'll give you some chips, or a table, or an Ebay gift card, if you sign up for a site, deposit the required amount and play a certain amount of hands. Pretty good deal if you're going to play poker online anyways, like for example at Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, etc. But one of the good things about VegasPokerPro is their Poker Forum. There they have lots of members who post on a wide variety of things, from strategy (slow playing, raising, aggresive play) to tournaments or house play and what favorite style you like to play (hold'em, omaha). They also review online poker sites and have blogs of some poker players too (didn't recognize those names tho, maybe they just haven't made ESPN yet, lol).
I play with my buds every once and a while and I've been reading up on some styles of play, I slow play but I like to be aggresive at times too to throw people off. Maybe this site will help you with your style, especially if you're a beginner and just raise when you're holding a pocket pair of face cards or better, lol. Well if you're looking for a Poker Forum to improve your Poker strategy or to just play online, check out VegasPokerPro.



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