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Since I spoke about Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation) & GPS yesterday people have asked me questions about the technology and some products and etc. Well since I can't answer all their questions myself I pointed them to a forum/newsgroup called SatNavBanter. It's a web interface that links two well known newsgroups on Sat Nav and GPS, uk.rec.gps, a uk
related group and sci.geo.satellite-nav, a global group. There they talk about a wide range of topics on Sat Nav's, including things like what equipment users have bought, their experiences with it, techincal aspects of hand held / car GPS systems, etc. It's a good ressource for those who want to know more about Sat Nav and GPS as there's both basic and higher level knowledge there as well. Check out this sat nav and gps forum if you want to know more, it's really worth a look.



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