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Instead of my usual boring morning stuff I'll start up a good topic about Myspace vs Facebook. Which one you prefer, why? For me it's facebook, more info up, more picture space, and less crap on your screen (songs, flash animations annoy me). Myspace is good for the change in profiles but I don't find it has a lot of things to add, you have to do everything yourself or find some layouts bla bla. Just not for me, and facebook tells me when people update their pics, profiles, etc. And yes facebook tells you everything you change in your profile, that's a good thing, if you don't like it you can change it, people are stupid. Anyways what you guys think?


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check this article out:http:


And I made a comment in this blog:

Now, yahoo is comming up with Mashup and Google has Orkut which are very good contenders to teh race!... I like Orkut, unfortunatelly it is not that popular in Colombia as Facebook is for higer educated class people.

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