My week is over :)

I love having class 3 days a week, and 3 nights a week at that, it's so much better than spending all day hoping from class to class. Just bragging about that, and my week ain't really over, I work at the clinic tomorrow and friday, and have a race on sunday. It's the Iona College Meet of Champions at Van Courtland Park (VCP) in the Bronx, so it should be fun. I'm having another good practice week so I'm going to aim high this week and try to break 27:00 at Van Courtland, I ran 27:29 2 weekends ago to compare. Yea apart from that I've just been hanging out, enjoying the day, catching up on my sleep (it's amazing what an hour nap can do for you) and working at the library, which is where I'm at now. Btw sorry for the technorati tags, I'll edit posts to get them back up later. Alright work to do.


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