AMD 4x4 Technology

If anyone's seen my computer they'll know that I have a nice Athlon64 3200+ Venice sitting at 2.6ghz. I've always been an AMD fan, I like the little guys, ever since my first AthlonXP 1800+, it was the fastest AthlonXP availible at their launch in like 2001 or something, lol. Man that was a long time ago. Anyways AMD's now trying to play some catch-up to Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, and their solution has something based on 4x4, which is a motherboard with 2 sockets so you can have 2 dual cores in there, and up to 4 videocards. This won't turn the tide against Intel alone until their quad-core "Barcelona" comes out, but at least it's a start. Hothardware visited AMD at DigitalLife'06 and got some presentations from AMD. They're definetly worth a look, check out their article at


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