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I know when you think hosting that most companies say they're reliable and that they have 99.9% uptime. But what sets Hosting Zoom apart from those other companies that instead of hosting your site on one server, they spread the load over multiple servers using clustered servers. This improves performance by spreading the load, and each part of your website is mirrored across multiple servers so that your site will be up even if something happens to a server. This is the same system mission-critical websites use. The price isn't bad at all for under 8$ a month you get 5gb of space and 100gb of traffic, that's much better than what I paid with 1and1. Definetly a great deal for someone hosting any website since we all want reliabily at a great price. Check out Hosting Zoom for more information and price packages.



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linking you as a fellow payperpostie ;)

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Hey, going to add you to the blogroll as well, thanks for the love :)


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