Another Payperpost Blue Monster Puzzle piece!

Hey since I didn't post another piece up last night I'm going to post this one up today. This puzzle piece is part of the payperpostbluemonster puzzle contest where they are annoucing a new program called Blue Monster at The postie or blogger who figures the piece out by collecting all the pieces gets a $500 prize. If you don't know what Payperpost is by now you really haven't read my blog, but Payperpost is a company that specializes in blog ads and consumer generated advertising. It's great because we get to blog about things we love and we get to review products, or create buzz, for things we'd normally talk about as well. It's a great deal for advertisers as well since they get their products out to real people, not just ads on the sidebar.

Alright enough jabber, here's my piece for this afternoon,



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