The MPAA of America is brainwashing kids in LA

The Motion Picture Association of America, or the MPAA, is brainwashing the boy scouts of Los Angeles by giving them merit patches for learing about copyrights, intellectual property and "respecting" them. No mention of fair use, or how the industry isn't as squeaky clean as it thinks it is. I just think it's trying to grab some attention from the media to avoid the issue of the dropping revenue from movie sales. I've seen maybe 2 movies this year, there's no point anymore to go to a theater and they want kids to be educated about copyrights so they can waste 15$ to go see a movie and "respect" copyrights. Check out the Boing Boing link HERE.

Also the media is drooling over the PS3, well the 300 journalists that were at the unveiling of the PS3 in San Francisco today. It's ok since no one will really have a ps3 unless they pre-ordered it a LONG time ago or if they grab it on ebay for 1000$ or more. If I grab one it'll be next year or even longer, no point in paying 500/600 dollars for a console, it's just too dam much.

Anyways that's my 2 cents on Friday's news, post your comments


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