Audi cars, a statement

Since I was around Manhattan today I got to see some of the finest cars you'll ever see. Heck I even saw a Lambourghini out there today. But who needs one when the only time you can take it out is on Saturdays? An Audi is what you need, as they're new luxury cars that won't break the bank and look stylish. The German stylish inside Audi's make them some of the most stylish, luxurious, and comfortable cars in the world. That's not to mention the performance of a German engineered car, you know the different in handling, performance and construction, these cars are built to last. They're also very customizable, in the case of the A6 and A8 models you can get bullet proofing for those extreme environments, like around my place in Brooklyn, from their Specialist Sales. I've driven in some back home and think they're much better than most of the crappy American or cheap Japanese cars I've been in able to test out. They handle better so much better, you really feel the difference. Check out Audi's site for some of the best new luxury cars money can buy without spending all of your money, but remember, the luxury comes at a price, evne if it's money well spent.



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