Calling out all you poker pro's

Since I know a few of you guys think you're good at poker I'll have to you about this seminar to really get your game up to a professional level. It's called The Tells of Poker and it's hosted by Joe Navarro. Who is he you ask? Well he's lectured at CAMP HELLMUTH, Phil Hellmuth's poker camp, and he's also written a book with Phil. He's also a 25 year veteran of the FBI If you don't know Phil Hellmuth then you really don't follow Poker do you? Well at Joe's camp he will use his FBI expertise to instruct you guys on the most advenced and proven methods to observe and decode people, or basically get poker tells. It's an intense fast seminar, not for the faint of hard, basically the way federal agents are trained. As well you'll receive Joe's book for free if you attend, which also makes for a great gift for you guys. I'd hurry up, this is an EXCLUSIVE event at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, with only 100 guests invited, and it's happening November 19th. Welcome to Navarro Poker has more details on the seminar and information on Joe Navarro if you're interested. Not a bad idea if you want to make that final table at the WSOP, so check it out.


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