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Just browsing through Digg today since I've been bored out of my mind at the library/home. Two articles dugg that I think deserve more attention is the new browser called Iceweasel, a completely FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software), don't get me started on the name, and the really amazing picture of a fight between a Wasp and a Bee on flickr.

There's a new controversy brewing in the Open-Source community. It seems they're not happy enough with Firefox, since it has to go through the Mozilla Foundation for all patches and changes to the code, that the GNU (Free Software Feredation organization) wants to compile it's own version of the Firefox code called Iceweasel. Great name (sure...) but why break something that works? Because it has a trademark and some other minor things (minor to me and minor to the GNU guys are different things.) I agree with the author of the article that people should be working to help Firefox if anything, instead of trying to stop Firefox's success. Anyways following the whole FLOSS movement is annoying, too many chiefs, not enough indians, maybe that's what they want, but if they keep trying to bring down their crowning achievements, then they'll fail.

Check out the article here : http://gozkino.com/?p=7

Next is a really nice hi-res picture of a Bee fighting a Wasp. You may think that it's just a simple picture but look at the quality, the imagery and the overall setup of this picture, it's pretty amazing. A must look for anyone pretty much.

Check out the photo on flickr HERE

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