Poker rules and variants, a guide

I've spoken a couple of times about poker sites on this blog and I'm wondering how many of you actually know that's there tons of variants to the common game. The game I grew up with, 5 card draw, has been supplanted by Texas Hold'Em. If you check out these poker rules and guide, you'll see the rules for many of the other types, including 7 card stud and Omaha. This rules guide has the common terms, a glossary, the different types, etc. I've played most of these types with friends except for Omaha Hi/Lo, it's not that common as Omaha or Hold'Em I've found. What are your thoughts on poker overall? Does it encourage moral decay or is online gamling a nice social way to pass time and have fun? Does this guide push you to want to play more poker now that you understand poker itself more clearly? I play poker locally socially, mostly for a small amount of money with friends to make it competitive and as without money people don't care and the game falls apart. However if you're like playing poker and what to get in some more action then I suggest you read up on your poker rules then go online and go all in.


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