Websites built in 48 hours GUARANTEED!

I've been asked to do this before and unfortunetly I've had neither the will or time to take on a project like this. However, after being asked this question I feel I should point out a great service to those businesses or individuals that need a website up quick. This new service,, is a firm that specializes in website design, marketing and consultation based on the needs of the clients. It has different levels of website building products for current business owners or those looking into launching their own produsts or business. At only 99$ you can open up your own website or have a webstore complete with a shopping cart, something that I myself have been asked to do many times in the past, and comes complete with hosting for the first month. It's a great deal and if the website isn't built in 48 hours they'll refund your money. They also have a blog where their online professions will answer questions from online visitors. Pretty good deal especially if you don't know much about design and just need a website quick should check out and their range of services.


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