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Since many of you have seen the Disclosure Policy link at the top of my blog I thought I'd share some more info with you guys about what I think of it and why I put it there.

Since I've been working with Payperpost, there was a part of me that was worried about the concept of taking money for reviews or buzz on my blog. I love blogging and it's not that I am paid to say word for word something about a company, or give them positive buzz without event looking at them. It's just that people should know that a product or site I've looked at may have sponsored.

I've read many computer hardware sites that have their hardware sponsored, or given to them, and their reviews have still been credible and honest. They, like me, don't have money to buy their own hardware so they have it given to them. They make money of advertising banners, since people come to see their reviews. I don't have as many page views so I would make little in ad revenue. So instead of having ads on my sidebar, I write my own ads on things that I think my readers would appreciate, such as free things, sports, technology, etc. This way I review things, which I enjoy, or look at things that I think people would like and I get to add content to my blog.

I think it's a great concept to have a Disclosure Policy, it aims to keep everyone on a fair level. Sure you may LIE and say you're not paid but why do that, your readers won't believe you. I enjoy having people read my blog and in order for them to read it they can't any reservations about anything I say. If I put a link on my site it's because I think it would good for them. It's more like targeted ads to be honest, because who wants random dating sites on my sidebar.

I made my Disclosure Policy before the official website was launched, but if you do reviews or post links on products I definetly think you should add a Disclosure Policy. Makes you stay honest, since the blogosphere is about all about the readers and building trust. You can make your own official Disclosure Policy with their VERY easy to use Disclosure Policy Generator.

If you'd like to know more about what a Disclosure Policy entrains, please visit http://www.disclosurepolicy.org/. They got a forum and a blog of their own to help bloggers, advertisers and readers with questions, answers and all so check it out.

Btw you guys like the new button on the side?


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