Ebooks, you read them?

My friend has been talking to me about ebooks, and how people been making money of them, and how easy it is to publish them. I know you can download published books on ebook format but who really reads these? Whenver I purchase my favorite Fantasy Novels (Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind are my 2 favorite authors), I purchase the book to have a hard portable copy. But with Sony and others released Ebook Readers that are pretty light and easy to read will more people shift to ebooks or will we wait another while before things go completely digital. It seems like a new field and I don't know much about it, like the advertising versus the commercial side of publishers and the enthusiasts who make their own books. Seems like something to do on another day tho, since it is getting late. Anyone have any thoughts or actively reads ebooks? Let me know or post some comments!


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