Want to see a nice kitchen cookery site?

Normally I don't talk much about the kitchen since I don't cook too often (yes I can cook but I get free food) but I was pointed out this link and I was actually surprised by what I saw. Normally most websites are based on templates that don't suit the audience or look horrible since they try to be univerisally compliant, but at Cooking Guide's Kitchen Appliance Guide their template is nice, simple, very clean and doesn't hurt the eyes or bombard you with useless info or banners. It's really what most sites should look like. My friend was looking for some smoothie makers since he's all into the smoothie/protein craze and pointed me the site to learn more about them, since I just thought they were all just blenders. They're actually not, they need special blades to cut the fruit and blend it with the liquid, etc. Anyways if you're looking for more info about kitchen supplies and like a good webpage design check out this Kitchen Appliance Guide. It's worth a minute, even just to look at the layout.



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