Ever been bored on a plane and needed WiFi?

I know that whenever I'm not flying JetBlue I get terribly bored of
whatever's playing on the in-flight movie so I usually have to indulge
myself of whatever I carried with me. If you've seen my previous post
you'll know that having a computer without the internet absolutely
destroys me, so if I'm stuck with a laptop on a flight I get bored
kind of quickly. I think that's the reason why I'd definetly need Wifi
on the plane, and I wouldn't mind paying $10 for an hour if I was on a
seriously long flight. There's a really good Guide to Airline WiFi out there that everyone should read before taking
their next flight. Pretty interesting and it has a good list of
flights that you can get wifi on. Check it out if you fly often,
hopefully my next flight will have some, no more boring movies for me!



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