What you think of the Lik-Sang / Sony affair?

I've always like and looked at Lik-Sang's site over the years. They used to always have games that you couldn't get here or things that were always out of stock in North America. Recently, Sony Europe sued them to prevent Lik-Sang from importing Japanese PS3's to Britain/Europe since Europe is going to have a delayed PS3 relayed cuz Sony can't do anything right these days. They just won the court case and now Lik-Sang's forced to shut down. I know it's all for the "protection of the customer" and for the "honoring of the warranty" but for the FEW people who order their ps3's/psp's through Lik-Sang I think it doesn't really matter. All Sony is doing is finding another way to alienate the hardcore gamer crowd they built with the Ps1/Ps2. I don't know if I can justify getting a PS3 after all these actions. I got a SonyEricsson phone, but I can't justify the decisions of Sony's gaming department right now. Post your 2 cents,


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