Ever been ticked off so bad by a company you wanted to switch?

Yea when I went home to Montreal this summer my parents phone line was acting really acting weird and their DSL wasn't working. I was ticked that the company let them hang like that and was going to threaten to switch if a repairman didn't come right away to repair it. Luckily 2 hours later they came in, replaced my wiring, and now everything is good at home. If they didn't I would've gone with the cheaper competitor if they hadn't. There's a company out there that can help with preventing this situation from happening. It's a company called CallMiner, and they help companies learn ways so that their customers don't churn. Churn is the calling industry term for a customer that leaves one company for another, such as someone with Cingular switching to Verizon. CallMiner's tools and expertise will help your company prevent churn and keep your customers that you've worked hard to aquire. Check out CallMiner at http://www.callminer.com.



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