Favorite Booths at Digital Life '06

Since DigitalLife'06 was a pretty big show I had the chance to visit the booths of many companies and got a pretty good experience from each of them. The Ageia booth and presentation was pretty good, and their snowboarding demo wasn't bad either. The Intel booth has some nice Core 2 Duo setups, I played HL2:DM on a slick laptop and I was holding my own with 170 ping due to the crappy wireless. The ATi booth was really nice, and they gave away stuff unlike their competitor nVidia, cough cough (No bias I've bought both brands in the past). However my favorite booths at DigitalLife were the Sony and the Kodak booths. The Sony booth had LIVE Playstation 3's out, playable with long lines, which wasn't fun, so I played the new Sonic game on a Playstation 3 in my favorite old company Sega's booth. I liked the new controller but it was a little light. Back to the Sony booth, it had a lot of other things too, like its lineup of digital cameras, like the DSC-T10, which is one pretty slick camera and they had a lot of Blu-Ray stuff as well. However in terms of an overall booth I'd have to go with Kodak, they took people's pictures, printed them out for free, gave discounts on products, demonstrations and were really helpful. So I'm going to give Kodak my Booth of the Show Award. Anyone else go? Any comments/opinions or am I stupid for saying Kodak is good? lol. Post away,


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