Need some voice talent for that project, is the place.

I know a problem that most people face when creating a flash intro or an online presentation and they need a good voice to complements the piece nicely. Well has all the voice talent you need. It could be for a series of animated clips, or a flash intro, or a menu system, anything really that requires voices. They can do pretty much any voice over work you need, and they have a good menu where you can listen to each voice in different settings depending on what your needs are. Check out the menu below

Pretty easy to use, they got some nice voices to choose from, better than my squeaky voice. If I needed a voice I'd definetly check them out, since a poorly recorded voice that doesn't fit can easily ruin that project you're working on, and with there's no need for that. Also if you're a talented voice actor they have oppertunities and a place for you as well. Visit for more information and to get a sample of the voices there.



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