Imagine paying taxes on your WoW account?

Just found out that the IRS are looking for a way to tax on your income from MMORPG's (that's the term for Online Games like World of Warcraft or The Sims Online) where people have currency and can exchange that currency for cash and other things. There are games like Second Life, where you can make cash for having property online or for services and etc. Sounds like a good idea, maybe better than payperpost, lol, but I guess the game is tidious and etc. I've made money off an online game, when I sold my Diablo 2 account for 50$ way back in the day, it would be worth 3x that now, but I'm lazy and play for fun whenever I play diablo 2 now. What you think about the IRS taxing online gaming revenues? You think that since it's not "REAL" it's not able to be taxed? Your thoughts...

Here's the ars technica article about it if you want to read furhter, pretty interesting.


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