Postie Patrol 1 - Payperpost Visits Your House!

Just saw a funny video from the guys at If you haven't heard yet or have ignored them in the past they're a company that generates consumer-driven advertising through blogs. Yep you can get paid to blog with payperpost. However one of the best things about is that they love the community, always doing random things and showing up at the weirdest places. Now check out their blog here,, they visit one of the postie's (that's what us PPP bloggers call ourselves) houses and give him three options. Of course he picks the most hilarious one and goes on a scavenger hunt. It's pretty funny and I was actually surprised he found everything. Check it out, it's worth the look, I'd definetly do it if I had the chance, lol. Also check out while your at it, won't hurt will it? Worse thing is that you could make money doing something most people do for free already.



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