Portable Infra-Red Wireless Security Systems

Looking around today and I found a pretty good spin on security systems for the home. Normally most home systems have to be linked together but LaserShield has a new system that uses Wireless Detection Units to protect the 150 feet around the master unit as well. This way your Security System can protect around the house, inside the house, and the yard if needed. It used an infrared system and it's got a wireless keychain to control the system as well, so you can turn it off at once if needed. Sounds like a good system for the home or small office, nothing too serious but offers some peace of mind and lowers insurance. You can get it at CompUSA, Costco, Kmart, Sears or many of the large retailers. If you're interested in the LaserShield kit check out LaserShield.net for more info and testimonials.



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